11.02 - 14.02.2021



The covid-19 ghost change the world. The N70 board has decided that Bergebyløpet must takes the consequences of an uncertain situation for the sleddog sport due to Covid-19 and arranges a simpler Bergebyløpet in 2021. We simply do not dare to set a budget for a long distance race with the uncertainty prevailing and to put our finances into something we cannot control ourselves. We apologize and ask for an understanding of this.

In 2021, open class (up to 16 dogs) and 8 teams will run the same trail which will be 240 km long with 3 checkpoints. In addition, we have junior class 6 teams and a shorter 8-team race of about 11 km with 1 checkpoint.

In order to keep social distance and protect both mushers and volunteers, we will have drive-in registration, dealer assistance at all check points and the opportunity to follow the driver's meeting digitally.

Registration and mushers meeting for 240 km will be Thursday February 11 in the afternoon / evening and start will be Friday February 12 in the morning. Registration and start for the 110 km will be Friday February 12 afternoon / evening.

Further details about the race and program will be published when we open for registration.

About the Bergeby race N70

Bergebyløpet N70 is a long-distance sled-dog race in North Varanger/Finnmark. The race was first held in 2003, and has been held ever since in various formats and over various distances. Bergebyløpet run from Masjok in the west to Krampenes in the east, via the boroughs of Tana, Nesseby and Vadsø. The longest race distance is 500 kilometres, making this one of the longest sled-dog races in the world and the only sled-dog race run completely north of 70 degrees north. In other words, the race is on a par with the Bering Strait and Nome in Alaska. It is here we live and here we wish to live - and it is here we like to work and race our sled dogs. It is here - to N70 - that we offer a warm welcome to other mushers and to all supporters of Bergebyløpet.

Bergebyløpet N70 is a sled-dog race arranged by mushers for mushers. The aim is to hold a sled-dog race that cultivates and develops a type of race that is the best for the sport. The social side of the race is prioritised together with the idea of fair play. Other important elements are the development of skills and knowledge, plus the sharing of ideas between mushers. Above all is the principle of ‘keep it simple’ for all aspects of the race. This means the best possible efficiency in all aspects, and the least possible amount of bureaucracy. Bergebyløpet N70 is a long-distance race that will attract active competition mushers. The pot of prize money continues to grow, together with the race’s own status and the continuing focus on the sporting content, but Bergebyløpet will always be a race where enjoyment and fun are two of the main factors that mean that mushers, volunteers, veterinarians and others return from year to year.