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Race management

Roger Dahl - racemarshal - BL 650

"Mr. Finnmarksløpet" is back to lead the longest distance BL 650 for the second year in a row. Roger has been a part of the dograce circus for a long time and it's hardly neccesary to present him. When Roger was racing he used Bergebyløpet as an important preparation for Finnmarksløpet. He has won Finnmarksløpet 1000 three times (1992, 2005 and 2011)  and is certainly one of the most accomplished mushers. We are very pleased that Roger once more will be racemarshal for Bergebyløpet.

Stein Jonny "Putte" Andreassen - racemarshal - BL 350

Putte is leading the BL 350 for the second year in a row. He is living in Vestre Jakobselv in North Varanger and is recruited locally as racemarshal. Putte was racing longdistance races between mid 90's to early 2000 and has several strong results. Putte is known as a very skillful musher with many colorful tales from the time when men where men and men won the big dograces.

Stein Are Harder - racemarshal - BL 150

Stein Are Harder is racemarshal on the shortest distance - BL 150. Harder is experienced as both raceorganizer and musher.  He has organized Jarfjordløpet in Sør-Varanger and as a musher he has won Finnmarksløpet (FL-500 in 2004) and Pasvik Trail. With this experience, there is no doubt this man with his characteristic mustache will lead BL 150 in a very god way. Harder has considerable knowledge about longdistance dogracing and will share his knowledge when challenged.

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