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Entrance fees

BL 240 up to 16-dogs class: 3000 NOK

BL 240 8 dogs class: 3000 NOK

BL 110 8 dogs class: 1000 NOK

BL 110 junior: 1000 NOK



A musher is not considered to be registered until the entrance fee is paid. The entrance fee minus NOK 1000,- will be paid back if the race has to be cancelled or the musher are not able to start the race. 

Deadline-day for paying the starting-fee to the Bergebyløpet is 15.01.2023. After that the starting fee is 500 NOK higher.


Last day for sign up is sunday 5st February.


Bank account: 4750 43 99512

IBAN: 1647504399512



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