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Arrangements commitee

The commitee chairman and founder of Bergebyløpet is always very busy and juggling his tasks skillfully. Jan Øystein is a hard worker, unifying and he is extremely solutions orientated. He deals with each initiative seriously, whereever the initiative comes from. It's hard to imagine a succesful race without this man leading it.

Mikal Lanes - secretary BL

The secretary is the Bergebyløpets equivalent to the Soviets secretary og foregin affairs Andrei Gromyko. He is secluded and quite invisible, but also loyal, conscientious and decicive.

Marianne Dalen - member BL

The teacher at Tana high school is systematic and collects all threads when the rest of the commitee are off target. She makes good forms, good appications and has a wide range of contacts.

Krister Höök - member BL

"The general" from Masjok is impatient, rational, inventive and extremely concerned with progress and decisions. Kristers involvement in Bergebyløpet is imortant. The nummer of volontary hours this man has worked for Bergebyløpet exceeds imagination. We are very grateful Krister.

Roger Persson - member BL

Founder, enthusiast and allrounder. Roger founded Bergebyløpet together with Jan Øystein in 2002 and is still going strong. His enthusiasm for the race is enormous and he is extremely important for the further development of the race. Rogers main expertise is to close the gaps the rest of the commitee has made.  

Reidun Karlsen - chief of judges, Norges hundekjørerforbund, BL

Reidun must be the closest to become an institution in longdistance dogracing. She has had a number of positions. For years she has worked hard to develop this sport, as a part of the Pasvik Trail team, a part of Varanger Trekkhundklubb or as a NHF-judge. Reidun is always in a good mood and is very enthusiastic - it is hard to find another person like her.

The pensioners association in Nesseby, responsible for checkpoint Bergeby

The mushers are often surprised that a group of pensioners are responsible at checkpoint Bergeby. Age is unimportant and their energy is perfect, the same can be said about their mood and willingness to accomodate the mushers. Checkpoint Bergeby will be managed by the pensioners and Roger Persson for the third year in a row.

Oddmund Aslaksen, responsible for tracks at Seidafjellet

Oddmund had been a part of Bergebyløpet since the start and he has had several roles. He has shown considerable impact and uses it when needed. Lately Oddmund has developed and assured the track between Nyborg and Seida and he also prepareres the tracks in the area.

Sven A. Utse - responsible for checkpoint Nyborg

Honest and loyal, with punctuality few others can display, Sven Are - or "uncle Sven" among friends - leads checkpoint Nyborg. Sven Are has long experience from longdistance dogracing and has been in all imaginable positions. We are very happy and grateful to have this experienced man on our team.

Hilly Sarre - responsible for checkpoint Masjok

Hilly leads checkpoint Masjok at the farm she operates with Krister Höök. She is also an enthusiast, structured and serves fresh coffee and fresh buns. Her friendliness welcomes all mushers day and night in Masjok. Hillys workcapasity and patience is enormous.

Elisabeth Jyde - responsible for checkpoint Vadsø

Elisabeth recives everyone with a kind and open mind, she has a good mood and is very positive. This is the third year Elisabeth is responsible for checkpoint Vadsø. Many mushers have experienced unexpected and invaluable help from this problemsolver. "Relax, this is under my control" is often said by Elisabeth.

Dag Broch, chairman N70 THK

Dag is the chairman of N70 THK and is the link between the board and the racecommitee.  He has a lot of energy using both as a musher and as a cultural personality. Known as the founder of the Tana race, cabaret artist, headmaster of school arts, and of course as an active competition musher and tourist guide.

Sergio Maffi, chief veterinarian

Mr. Maffi is back as chief veterinarian again in BL 2017. The italian veterinarian is respected by both the veterinariancore and the mushers. He is competent and extremely into details, conscious of quality and longterm planning.

Erik Sundland, chief of results and furtent standings

From his "Fort Knox" at his cabin by checkpoint Bergeby, this man is the one and only reason the results are perfect. Where the K2 programmer makes mistakes, Erik fixes them easily. He stays awake day and night to register arrival- and departuretimes. "Relax - I know how it is" Erik says when we year after year ask him to lead this difficult job.     

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